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Presto's founder, Joseph Kolf was born in Germany in 1898 and immigrated to the United States in 1927.  He was a cabinet maker by trade and started Presto Frame & Novelty Company in White Plains, NY in 1944.   

Initially he utilized readily available domestic mouldings for his clients.  However he found that the choices were limited.  He contacted old friends in Germany for more European styling and so began Presto's quest for unique designs.   

Local frame shops quickly became aware of these specialty mouldings and contracted Joseph to supply their shops.  This served as the embryo for what Presto is today.  

As demand from other shops increased, Presto shifted away from retail and moved to a warehouse facility in Mamaroneck, NY.  In 1977 Joseph's son Reinhard entered the business with strong experience in banking and a desire to learn about moulding distribution.   

Through increased advertising, colour product catalogues, a distribution network and continuous introduction of innovative looks, Presto continued to grow and a move to a larger facility in Bethel, CT was a necessity in 1984.  

Presto Frame & Moulding, Inc. today is in it's third generation with three of Reinhard's children, Peter, Koren, and Hilary working to ensure an ever expanding network of distribution and a continuous legacy of distinctive style and excellent quality.